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Fire and Meat Gastro Fest

Fire and Meat Gastro Fest

Fire and Meat Gastro Fest, an annual fest in Mukacheve, one of the two popular touristic centers in Transcarpathian region (Zakarpattia) welcomes its visitors to enjoy the meat cooked on the open fire. Being held on 29, April – 01, May this year it presents the best recipes of various cuisines from Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, […]

EuroVision or EuroFood?

EuroVision is delicious with EuroFood 🙂 A completely new way of street food arrangement is being presented during a world-popular song contest held in the Ukrainian capital. Meals by authentic Ukrainian recipes from popular Kyiv restaurants are adopted to a format to enjoy them outside. Come to Sophia Square in downtown and stay under beautiful […]


Have you ever thought of just one place where you can find a winning combination of totally different tours to try? That is Mukachevo, the city in the Transcarpathian region (Zakarpattia) of Ukraine being surrounded by wooded mountains and meadows offers a great deal of fascinating ideas to everyone’s taste. Young easy-going and cheerful holidaymakers who fancy hiking […]


Bukovyna is a colourful region located on the northern slopes of the central Eastern Carpathian that welcomes tourists throughout the year. This terrific land to the west of our country provides you with a great deal of amazing places to make your summer / early autumn holiday in Ukraine inimitable. Bukovyna regional center, Chernivtsi, being called as ‘Little […]