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Kyiv’s Jewish Heritage – Encouraging the City

Kyiv’s Jewish Heritage – Encouraging the City

Sugar magnates and philanthropists; architecturally terrific buildings and undistinguished courtyards both keeping breath-taking stories; sorrowful details of the Holocaust tragedy and amazing spirit of Jewish worship – the stories of Kievan Jewry that suffered a lot but have kept on loving Kyiv and inspiring the City to flourish through centuries. Read more Enjoy more

The “perfume” city

Kyiv is wearing its most refined “perfume” 🙂 May is the most blloming month in our city. White and pink flower pyramids of chestnut trees along the majority of the streets, lilac bushes strewn with lilac, white, and purple flower bunches, pink and yellow rosebay, magnificent magnolia trees just in downtown Kyiv….the air is full […]

EuroVision or EuroFood?

EuroVision is delicious with EuroFood 🙂 A completely new way of street food arrangement is being presented during a world-popular song contest held in the Ukrainian capital. Meals by authentic Ukrainian recipes from popular Kyiv restaurants are adopted to a format to enjoy them outside. Come to Sophia Square in downtown and stay under beautiful […]

Revolution of Ukrainian consciousness

Facts of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine are presented by a person who was born the same year as an Independent Ukraine, a 26-year old young employee of the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity Євгеній Сафар’янс (Yevgenij Safarians) The aspects of the revolution background situation in the country and the chronicle of the […]


Three ancient towns are visited without leaving the Old City historic downtown which is a mixture of terrific landmarks and fascinating stories of Ancient Rus’s the most prosperous times.