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Home-Like Rest at the Hutsuls’

Home-Like Rest at the Hutsuls’

A perfect combination of warm comfortable staying in private households of the local highlanders and getting immersed as far deeply as possible into the stunning surroundings: wild mountain nature; the usual mode of life, customs and traditions of hospitable highlanders; home-made dishes from eco-friendly food will make your rest unforgettable and truly home-like. Would you […]

The “perfume” city

Kyiv is wearing its most refined “perfume” 🙂 May is the most blloming month in our city. White and pink flower pyramids of chestnut trees along the majority of the streets, lilac bushes strewn with lilac, white, and purple flower bunches, pink and yellow rosebay, magnificent magnolia trees just in downtown Kyiv….the air is full […]


If you are keen on extreme life these tours are definitely for you! Proposed by the Extreme Sport-Tourist Center for the Youth located in Bukovyna region to the west of Ukraine, the active amusements embrace three nature elements – land, water and air. There is a wide range of activities to meet everyone’s taste – from quiet […]


Bukovyna is a colourful region located on the northern slopes of the central Eastern Carpathian that welcomes tourists throughout the year. This terrific land to the west of our country provides you with a great deal of amazing places to make your summer / early autumn holiday in Ukraine inimitable. Bukovyna regional center, Chernivtsi, being called as ‘Little […]

Eco-Life in Ukraine

Getting interested in organic and healthy life inspired some Ukrainian families to create an ecosettlement in Kyiv region called Dolyna Dzherel [Valley of Springs], the largest in Ukraine which has existed since 2003. The idea to follow such way of life was risen from the desire to keep traditions and customs of a Ukrainian Family […]