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Chornobyl catastrophe: never again,

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Occurred on 26 April in 1986 the Chornobyl catastrophe became the first of two most disastrous nuclear power plant accidents in history. The number of long-term evacuees resulted in 350.000 over decades alongside with a contaminated area in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia‚ĶNowadays the 10-30- kilometer exclusion zone is safe to be visited but still abandoned for expanded living as it had been before the disaster. A few residential zones in the nuclear plan surroundings and the town of Pripyat still uninhabited have been warning people of what can happen if the nations do not stop nuclear expansion. The accident raised high public and scientific concerns worldwide, and hundreds of electric-power reactor proposals were eventually cancelled. But there are always positive aspects¬†in something negative – due to this nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine there was a significant drop in the prior rate of new “startups” after 1986.

AtHomeInUkraine Agency alongside with our partners engaged in Chornobyl trip logistics focus on the positive sides of the tour based on visual sorrowful memories of this never-again catastrophe.

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