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Bukovyna is a colourful region located on the northern slopes of the central Eastern Carpathian that welcomes tourists throughout the year. This terrific land to the west of our country provides you with a great deal of amazing places to make your summer / early autumn holiday in Ukraine inimitable.

Bukovyna regional center, Chernivtsi, being called as ‘Little Venice”, invites you to feel its fascinating atmosphere of a city with cosmopolitan spirit of the Western and Eastern Europe.

Just within one hour drive you would admire the mild rolling slopes of the Eastern Carpathians. This area has something peculiar to get you excited with Ukrainian mountains. Hiking routs, national parks and recreation tours, excursions, horse riding – whatever you choose you are supported by well-skilled guides. Mystic caves, colossal rocks, rough rivers, roaring waterfalls and endless valleys are full of legends, heroes and unforgettable views while climbing up to overview an amazing mountain panorama. Staying in fully-equipped chalets just in the very heart of the Carpathian woods is totally comfortable and safe. Getting acquainted with ethnic hospitability served with local specialties lets anyone feel at home in this land.

Travelling to Bukovyna will definitely give you the feeling of nature treating to you as its friend!


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