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CHERNIVTSI – A Cosmopolitan tolerance

A cosmopolitan tolerance of Austro-Hungarian, Gothic, Romanesque, Byzantine and Yiddish scents alongside unique hospitability of different cultures assimilated within one little East European city with notable Western traces.

Those who call this enchanting city as a Little Vienna it welcomes to admire the architectural loveliest heritage implemented in the Chernivtsi Drama theatre, the Cernuti Reginal Museum of Fine Arts, the Csernovic Regional Council, the טשערנאוויץ Palace of Culture. This “Jerusalem on the river Prut” is a simultaneous epicenter of European Jewish mysticism and the Yiddish culture which gave the birth to plenty of outstanding personalities speaking Yiddish that first came from Chernowitz. German literature would remember giving the birth to its talented writers whose poems can be still heard in the walls of the State University, UNESCO world heritage site, this terrific implementation of varied architectural styles “embroidered” with Ukrainian folk motives.

Strolling along the pavements and backyards, relaxing at tiny cafes and confectioneries’, visiting Gothic cathedrals, Greek or Armenian churches, Jewish synagogues you will definitely feel the spirit of a varied Ukraine which looks familiar to your nation  Talking to the residents you could understand their forever lasting joy, humor and intelligence in spite of surviving hard times.

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