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Must-see places in Ukraine. Sophiyivka in Uman, Cherkasy region.
Homer’s Odyssey and esoteric secrets of Judaism can be heard in a Ukrainian town which CNN has included into the list of 11 attractions for tourists to be worth visiting in Ukraine. A whole day visit to the “one of the most terrific examples of the world gardening design”, as it is stated by an American TV channel, is a relaxing way to enjoy a fabulous mix of Greek Myths and Polish romance which combined heros, gods and philosophers within one enchanting symphony of beauty called Sophiyivka. Leaving the park but not leaving the town you can find yourself immersed into the wise stories of Rebbe Nachman, a Jewish world popular tzaddik whose grave is located here.Just within 3 hour drive from Kyiv you will be definitely amazed of these views and stories in Uman.

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