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Karpaty – extreme

If you are keen on extreme life these tours are definitely for you! Proposed by the Extreme Sport-Tourist Center for the Youth located in Bukovyna region to the west of Ukraine, the active amusements embrace three nature elements – land, water and air. There is a wide range of activities to meet everyone’s taste – from quiet hunting and fishing to parachute jumping and spelean routs into the deep caves or even an underground town. You could enjoy panorama views safely flying on a light airplane or paragliding. Land extreme would get you excited with cycling in colorful mountains and jeep driving through mud-locked roads, rock climbing and discovering bottomless caves. Rough rivers rafting is something special that could check your stamina and quick reaction capability.

Everything is guaranteed to be fully-equipped, assured, and guided by highly-skilled professionals. These tours are certainly fitted for children and family rest. For a calm holiday you might stay in a Hutsul (Carpathian ethnic minority) house and enjoy strolling in the woods.

We would be happy to provide all the tour packages including logistics and support for you not to be bothered about but take pleasure of trying yourself in Extreme Carpathians!

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