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Home-Like Rest at the Hutsuls’

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A perfect combination of warm comfortable staying in private households of the local
highlanders and getting immersed as far deeply as possible into the stunning
surroundings: wild mountain nature; the usual mode of life, customs and traditions of
hospitable highlanders; home-made dishes from eco-friendly food will make your
rest unforgettable and truly home-like.
Would you love to try on a 100-year old Hutsul waistcoat, dance under the
fascinating sounds of the dulcimer, listen to trembita weeping and visit some Hutsul
parties like Vechornytsi story telling, Christmas carols singing or even a real wedding
ceremony of Hutsul newlyweds? Welcome to join our Hutsulshchyna tour program in
any season!
Enjoy more at
Verhovyna, the very heart of Hutsulshchyna
The Carpathian National Nature Park
Hutsul customs and traditions
Rural tourism

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