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Being called one of the most comfortable regional centers of Ukraine, Lutsk is a very pleasant and friendly city with a distinctive atmosphere to the west of our country. It seems quiet and welcoming keeping a true Ukrainian spirit of nowadays although the city has a plenty of Medieval attractions worth seeing in the country. The first one you can start with, of course, is a terrific Castle of Westminster, the winner of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine in the “Castles, palaces and fortresses” category. Afterwards is a definite architectural masterpiece which is deserved to be praised with the title of the House of the Ukrainian Antoni Gaudi. The Olyka Palace, which combines one of the first bastion forts in Ukraine alongside a splendid 365-room palace, attracts visitors from all over the world. And the last but not the least is a wooded tunnel which is regularly being made by the….train and called by the romantic lovers as Love Tunnel.

We welcome you to feel the fascinating spirit of the past traces of Ukraine walking along the contemporary streets of the city with an over 1000-year history.

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