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Have you ever thought of just one place where you can find a winning combination of totally different tours to try? That is Mukachevo, the city in the Transcarpathian region (Zakarpattia) of Ukraine being surrounded by wooded mountains and meadows offers a great deal of fascinating ideas to everyone’s taste. Young easy-going and cheerful holidaymakers who fancy hiking will definitely enjoy tasting a wide range of drinks such as wine, gin, schnapps, grape-brandy, rakia, orujo after climbing a Carpathian mount. Battle-field fans would enjoy visiting several castles in the surroundings to listen to thrilling stories of the past times. Romantic lovers will certainly admire a splendid view of the terrific Synevir Lake which is considered to be the most mystic power site in all Transcarpathian area. There are tours which are aimed at people who want a really authentic experience instead of just ticking off a list of things to see: Honey House to taste all kinds of honey ever produced in the world; a few local cheese dairies tours, trout fishing; plenty of thermal springs compared with those in Karlovy Vary and many other ideas you can turn into reality in this unofficially acknowledged center of entertaining tourism in Ukraine.

The most popular Fests held in Mukacheve:

  •  “Fire and Meat” Gastro Fest (held in May) – Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, German Slovak and other cuisines present their best recipes of grilled meat cooked on the open fire served with craft beer produced by the best Transcarpathian breweries;
  •  The biggest Wine Fest (every January) – gourmets and wine connoisseurs from all over Europe can do justice to all kinds of wine produced by the best wine makers of Zakarpattia.

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