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Searching roots travel packages all over Ukraine is the right point you have just chosen by entering this page. Our country has been a home place for the representatives of all the nations throughout centuries of its tumultuous history. The majority of enquiries come from Jewish descendants who are in search of their beloved family members that used to live in the South-Western part of Eastern Europe (today it embraces the biggest area of Ukraine) starting from the 14th century up to the Holocaust. Tragic discrimination and sometimes economic reality forced many families to flee their home towns (or just move to other countries,) and nowadays their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren from all over the world come to our country to recover these links with dearly loved ancestors, thus completing their family story.


  1. Contacting State Central and Regional Archives to send an official enquiry.
  2. Collaborating with private archivists and private archives to ensure receiving a positive result.

  3. We accompany all the case from sending an official enquiry to Archives on behalf of your family to arranging your personal visit to Ukraine.

  4. No enquiries to any officials / archivists but just paying a personal visit to your home town? We arrange a research trip package including all the logistics, meeting the locals and visiting heritage sites: a local museum of history, synagogues and churches, cemeteries and your family graves if there are any, Holocaust memorial sites and so on.
  5. Sharing. We share your Family stories and other important reference links in this page so that you could share it with the others who you think will consider this information important. We post Your personal story only after You give your permission on this sharing!

We provide these roots search trips with a deep understanding of how this process assists families and individuals in recovering their ancestral history, with the hope that healing, understanding, and tolerance will result.

                                                                                               III. USEFUL REFERENCE LINKS THAT MIGHT BE OF SUPPORT:

  1. Jewish Genealogy In Ukraine
  2. JewAge-Origin of your Family
  3. International Jewish Cemetery Project
  4. Lo Tishkach European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative
  5. Lo Tishkach European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (on Facebook)
  6. Researching Jewish Genealogy in the Guberniyas of the Former Russian Empire, Now in Ukraine
  7. JewishGen KehilaLinks in Ukraine (separate towns history, Holocaust, maps, datasets and documents)

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