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A lovely picturesque little town in the western Ukraine (25 km from a regional center Lviv) which was constructed according to the Renaissance concept of “ideal settlements” planning. The idea of an ideal town is getting the right town planning balance. Each architectural site was given a special place to be located in a harmonic integration related to the other architectural masterpieces.

You can make it visible by entering the town through the 16-17th century Glynska or Zvirynetska Brama (The Gates) to admire the ideal integration of the historical sites in Zhovkva: Zhovkivskyi Castle, Baroque Synagogue (included into the NY World Monuments Fund), Holy Trinity and God’s Mother Nativity Churches with a unique 5-level iconstand of Ukrainain Baroque (there are few true Ukrainian Baroque sites not in the museums but preserved in their natural surroundings), St Lawrence Cathedral with a falling Bell Tower, Medieval Castle, a favorite residence of John III Sobieski, King of Poland and many other architectural wonders garnished with exciting stories.

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